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Dr. Carleen M. Hutchins
Founder and Executive Director of
The New Violin Family Association

The New Violin Family Association is an international group of musicians, scientists, instrument makers and music lovers, people who want to share in the challenging possibilities opened for the musical world by a consort of eight violins of a new type, from treble to concert bass. The design of this Octet of violins has been made possible for the first time in history by the combination of 20th century acoustical science and the skills and knowledge of expert modern violin-makers.

The new family of eight violins offers the musical world not only harmonies never before heard, but greater resonances and volume than traditional instruments, with substantially expanded frequency ranges. These qualities are being called for by musicians and composers to meet the challenges of electronic music as well as the acoustical demands of today's larger auditoriums naudas aizdevums, for which the great violins of the past were not designed.

This organization is an outgrowth of the Catgut Acoustical Society, which for more than thirty years has been the international leader in the application of acoustical science to the making of string instruments of the highest quality.

You too can have a share in making musical history by becoming a member of the New Violin Family Association. Send an annual contribution of $25.00 or more to our new central office in New Hampshire:

42 Taylor Drive PO Box 987
Wolfeboro, NH 03894
Phone: 603-569-7946

The New Violin Family Association accepts Master card, Visa, checks
or money orders (amounts in US$ only, please.)

Founded in 1999, mission of the New Violin Family Association is to educate the public about the New Octet Violins through writings, concerts, lectures and demonstrations; to encourage players to use the New Octet Violins in public performances and in teaching; to stimulate the compostion of music for the New Octet Violins and to make such music available to the public at large; to instruct others in the making of the New Octet Violins and to sponsor the collection and preservation of documents and other material relating to these violins and their development, so that such archives are generally available.

Officers and Board

    Joseph F. Conrad ll
    Frances Furlong
    Theodore A. Jones    
    Charles J. Rooney, Jr.

    Ellen Carlson
    John Cavanaugh
    Steve Davis
    Michael Haeger
    Donald Joseph McNalley
    Sharon McNalley
    Robert Nersasian, MD    
    F. Scott Ponicsan
    Margaret H. Sachter, Esq.
    Lin Tollefsen
    Tim Trott

Newsletter Editor
    Robert J. Spear

Executive Director
    Carleen M. Hutchins
        Assistant for Finance
            F. Scott Ponicsan
        Assistant for Operations
            Robert J. Spear
        Secretary and Office Mgr.
            Sue Taylor

Advisory Board
    Alan Carruth
    Frances Fielding
    Mark Goldberg    
    Thomas Knatt
    André P. Larson
    Frederick Lipsett
    Stephen Nachmanovitch
    Joseph Peknik, III
    Pamela Proscia
    Grigori Sedukh
    Robert J. Spear
    Chris Twidle
    Duane Voskuil
    James Weigel
    Mary Williams
    Robert Wilkins
    Joris Wouters


New Violin Family Association, Inc.
42 Taylor Drive
PO Box 987
Wolfeboro, NH
Phone: 603-569-7946

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